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General Questions

Do I need to pay for webhosting?

No you don't have to pay for our service, but you can upgrade your account for $0,50/month if you need more space/bandwidth.

Do you display ads on my website?

No! Your website is ad-free.

How do I upgrade my account?

Go to your controlpanel and click on the "Upgrade" icon under "Accounts".

Working with files

How to upload your website

1. Enter control panel and click on the FTP Details link.
2. Connect to the FTP server and upload your files to the public_html folder

How to chmod your files

If you need to CHMOD your files or folders:
1. Connect to the FTP or open a File Manager.
2. Select a file.
3. On meniu click CHMOD.
4. Change file permissions to what you need.

Domain Registration & DNS

How long does it take before my domain name is active?

When you update domain nameservers it usually takes about 12-72 hours before it is visible to all users of the Internet. The propagation delay is due to Internet providers having to update their records (DNS tables) to reflect the changes.

Can I change my domain name?

No, the domain name associated with your account cannot be switched for security reasons. However you can use the "Delete Account" function and then after closing the account create a new one with new domain.

Do you support all domain names extensions?

Yes, we support all domain names, including foreign domains.
e.g. (.US .UK .BIZ .CC .AU)

How can I get my DNS settings changed (MX, A, CNAME)?

To get changes made to your DNS settings as far as your MX record, A record, C NAME, click on the "DNS Zone editor" tool.

E-Mail & Webmail

Can I change my own MX Records?

Yes! Our control panel system allows you to define your own MX Mail Records instantly! Simply login to your control panel and click on "Change MX Record".

Do you support IMAP?

IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. IMAP is a method of accessing electronic mail on a mail server. IMAP offers several advantages over POP3 - including the ability to manage email in folders on and off the email server.
We include a free IMAP server with every account. The IMAP server gives you the ability to use advanced email clients such as Outlook or Netscape Mail that support the advanced features of the IMAP protocol. In addition, you can use IMAP web based clients like SquirrelMail or Horde.
Note: Port 143 must be open if you have a firewall.

How come I can't send mail?

First, your domain name must be resolving to our name servers. Then use "" for the SMTP server in your Email client configuration. Our mail server uses SMTP Authentication. This means you MUST configure your email client to authenticate with your username and password, much like when you check mail.
Alternately you can use Webmail client to check and send emails.

How do I check my e-mail through a web browser (webmail)?

Login to
Use your username and password which was supplied to you when you created a new email account from control panel.

FTP Questions

Files are uploaded, but I still see your welcome page?

If you have uploaded your files, but are still seeing the welcome page or a "parent directory" page, you did not upload into the correct directory. Please be sure you are uploading into the "public_html" subdirectory of your account. Also you must replace the default index.html or index.php file that comes with your account when you log in for the first time. This index file is a simple welcoming page we put on all new accounts.

How do I access my main FTP account via a web browser?

Login to your control panel and under the "Files" tab click on the "File Manager 1" or "File Manager 2" icons.

How do I create an FTP account for a user?

Login to your control panel and under the "Files" tab click on the "FTP Accounts" icon. This will allow you to add additional FTP users that can access a specific sections of your website.

How to change files and folders permissions?

All popular FTP clients have options for changing the permissions of files and folders. This option can be usually found in the popup menu after clicking with the right mouse button on files / folders. You should check the manual for your FTP client for more information.


Do you support search engine friendly URLs?

Yes, search engine friendly URLS are supported, but there is one important thing you must know:
We use virtual user directory paths, so you can get error when trying to setup search engine friendly URLs or trying to pass virtual directory names to PHP scripts. If can be fixed very easy. Edit your .htaccess file and add this line at the top of the file or before the first rewrite rule:
RewriteBase /
Note: if your script is installed on some directory, for example /forum, you have to place RewriteBase /forum/ line to the .htaccess file (.htaccess file must be also located in /forum directory)

Can I connect to MySQL from my home computer?

No, remote MySQL connections are disabled for security and performance reasons. You can only connect to MySQL from your PHP scripts hosted on our servers.

What MySQL host name to use?

Enter the control panel and click on the 'MySQL' icon. Your MySQL hostname will be listed there.
Important! Never use 'localhost' as your MySQL hostname as you will get access denied errors.

How to I create a MySQL Database?

To create a mysql database, log into your control panel and select the 'MySQL Databases' link. Enter in the name of the database you want to create and MySQL username.
Once you have a mysql database and username you can manage it via phpMyAdmin which is located in your control panel.

Ticket System

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